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Body Transformation Challenge

Welcome to T-Lane’s Body Transformation Challenge! You are invited to have fun and participate alongside your co-workers for this 10-week competition. This health challenge will get you ready for summer and help establish healthy habits so that you can feel, look, and live better. So, let’s get started!

Starts: March 26

Ends: June 1, 2018

Who can participate?

This is open to anyone who works at T-Lane Nation. Drivers, office, or yard – everyone is welcome to participate, compete and win!


There will be 3 winners in 3 different categories. You can choose to compete in all categories, two or just one – it is completely up to you and your comfort level.

  • The person with the biggest change to body fat %
  • The person with the most active minutes (walking, running, strength training, dancing, etc.)
  • The person with the best transformation photos (this will be decided by Shannon and images will not be shared without your consent).

How do I take these measurements?

Body Fat Percentage* – If you’re in Mission, find Shannon and ask to use her bioelectric impedance scale. If you’re in another area you can find these scales at most gyms, at a doctor’s office, or you can buy your own.

Active Minutes – Follow this link to join the ENDOMONDO challenge. You can manually enter your active minutes. 

Transformation Photos* – Have some take a full body photo of you from the side, front, and back. It is best to do this in tight-fitting clothing so you can better see your results over the 10 weeks (Note – even if you don’t want to submit photos, I highly recommend taking these photos to monitor your progress going forward). 

 *These will be kept confidential. 


  1. All staff fully participating (including weekly seminars) will receive a $50 shell gift card.
  2. The winners in each category will win an additional $250 gift card.

Getting Started

To get started, choose which categories (1 or all) you would like to compete in, obtain the necessary measurements, and email smoens@t-lane.ca with the information.

Please have all pre-competition measurements/photos in by March 26.


Resources Available

Click for Online Seminars and Workouts

Nutrition Seminars

Mission: Friday’s at 11 am you can join us for a nutrition seminar in the blue room. These will be a maximum of 30 minutes and will include a short lesson on healthy nutrition habits and a question and answer period.

Online: All nutrition seminars will be recorded and posted online for Canada-wide access.


Exercise Classes

Mission: Join us in Mission at 7 am for 35 – 45 minutes of high-intensity strength and conditioning classes. This class is recommended for people with exercise history.

You can also join us at 8 am for 30-minutes of low-intensity strength and mobility training.

Online: Canada-wide you will have access to the Workout of the Week. Every week a new strength, conditioning or metabolic workout will be posted to help keep you active.


Meal Prep Services

We are currently in discussion with Hello Fresh to get T-Lane employees a special discount. This service is available across Canada.

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