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Container Shipping – Korea to Montana with multiple modes of transportation

On May 22, 2019  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

T-Lane is known in the industry for being a one-stop shop for transportation and logistical needs. We strive ourselves on being able to provide a complete transportation solution, without our clients’ having to seek separate vendors for different modes of transportation. Container shipping is an area in which clients would typically have to go to multiple […]

Transformer Move from China

On March 22, 2018  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

T-Lane Nation found themselves in Myra Falls, BC for a transformer move that required not one, but two T-Lane trucks to be completed! T-Lane recently completed a transformer move that originated in China. The transformer and equipment was imported onto Vancouver Island, where two of T-Lane’s trucks met and transported the equipment to its final […]

Rectifier Building Move in Nanaimo, BC

On February 12, 2018  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

  T-Lane’s team completed a building move on Vancouver Island, BC. The building was 27′ long, 8′ wide, 12′ high at 18 000 lbs. The building’s position offered a challenge to our team, with a tight clearance and sitting on a slope. The building was craned over an adjacent building in order to get it […]

Transformer and eHouse Move in Narrows Inlet, BC

On February 12, 2018  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

T-Lane’s jack and slide crew spent some time in Narrows Inlet transporting an 110 000 lbs transformer and a 15’6″ high, 14’2″ wide and 27′ long eHouse. The transformer was needing to be moved from it’s temporary blocking to it’s permanent destination. The T-Lane crew utilized jack and sliding methods, along with a specialized self-propelled […]


On October 13, 2017  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

 Nation Ramps worked with Commercial Interior Construction to Build a Custom Portable Loading Ramp Nation Ramps had the recent opportunity to work with Commercial Interior Construction (CIC), from Kingsville, MD. They came to us with the need for creating ground to dock access for one of their clients. Their client required vehicle access to an older building and the […]