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T-Lane Nation has been safely and efficiently planning, moving and storing freight of all sizes and dimensions for its clients for over 16 years across Canada, the US and into Mexico.  Longevity of this nature can only be attributed to the calibre of the team working behind every T-Lane Nation door.

Owner Tim Germain can often be heard crediting his company’s success on the opportunities he and his recruitment team have had to hire the best in the industry, including opportunities to grow T-Lane Nation’s ever expanding fleet of Owner / Operators and Drivers.  States Dave Fehr (Safety and Compliance Manager) on hiring company drivers and owner operators, “The metrics are simple really, we seek out the most dedicated candidates who meet our minimum years of experience, demonstrate commitment to growth and pride in a job done safely and efficiently and then couple this skill set with a company that supports employee development while recognizing potential to take on new challenges as experience(s) permit.  We push every member of our T-Lane Nation team to keep setting the bar higher with ongoing training to ensure that our team is the sharpest and best in the industry for our clients.”  T-Lane Nation also ensures that it’s family of Owner / Operators and Drivers receive some of the best treatment offered in the industry, including the points found in the T-Lane Nation Driver Offer.

T-Lane Nation’s client base includes some of the biggest names in Mining, Military and Defense, Hydro Power Generation/Energy, Oil and Gas, Rail, Construction, Wind Power and Special Projects and it is due to the loyalty and commitment of the T-Lane Nation staff that T-Lane’s client and service portfolio continues to grow, just listen to what a few members of the T-Lane Nation team have to say:

T-Lane Nation is always actively recruiting new team members, if you or someone you know is looking for a rewarding career in the transportation and logistics industry, take a look at T-Lane’s openings here and contact us to introduce yourself!

Interested in learning more about what makes T-Lane Nation such a rewarding company to work for, read this past post on T-Lane Nation and it’s owner Tim Germain.

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