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On The Go Mobility

On March 7, 2018  Category:  Fitness, On the Road Mobility

Hey T-lane! This workout can be done anywhere and is specifically designed for someone that is always on the move. If you’re at a rest stop or taking a break from your desk, these mobility movements will leave you and your joints feeling great.


– Perform each exercise once for the specified rep range.

– Do the lower rep range (ex. 10) if you only have a few minutes or you are new to these exercises.

– Do the max rep range (ex. 15) if you have a few minutes or feel comfortable with these movements.


Perform 1 Round of Each

#1 Arm Crossovers x 10 – 15 reps

#2 High Knee Walk x 10 – 15 reps each side

#3 Glute Kicks x 10 – 15 reps each side

#4 High Plank (Raised) x 10 – 25 seconds

#5 Hip Flexor Stretch x 15 sec each side

#6 Side Stretch x 15 sec each side

*Remember to warm up before you exercise and cool down after you exercise. 
**If you have any health conditions or this is your first time exercising, be sure to first check-in with your GP.


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