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Rainpower Generator Project – T-Lane Case Study

On October 22, 2015  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies


T-Lane Nation was excited to partner with Rainpower on their Run of the Rivers generator project which saw two massive generators unloaded from a ship onto T-Lane Nation equipment and then barged up the Fraser River to Harrison Lake to ultimately land on site at Tretheway Creek, details below.

When: Summer 2015

Client : Rainpower Generator Project- “Run of the Rivers”

Project Outline: The T-Lane Nation team was privileged to move two 71,000kg generators from Fraser Surrey Docks up the Fraser River into Harrison Lake up to the Tretheway Powerhouse for this Rainpower generator project.

Project Details:

  • T-Lane Nation team received the 2 generators at the Surrey Docks, they were then discharged onto T-Lane equipment via ships crane and then barged over three days up the Fraser River and through to Harrison Lake.  Once at Harrison Lake the generators were then barged to the Tretheway Creek Powerhouse.
  • Upon arrival at the Powerhouse, the T-Lane Nation team offloaded the first generator and drove it into the powerhouse to be uncrated and offloaded.  The team then had to back under the second generator and load it onto the SPMT ( Self Propelled Modular Trailer).  The second generator once loaded was driven up to the entrance of the powerhouse and uncrated outside before being driven inside and offloaded.
  • Once both generators were offloaded, the T-Lane Nation team loaded all of the scrap from the crating onto the SPMT and removed it from the site.

Time Frame:

  • Start to finish – 10 days
    • Tasks involved:
      • Managing project logistics
      • Welding time
      • Loading equipment onto barge
      • Receive cargo ship side
      • Offload generators from the barge
      • Reload empty equipment back onto barge
      • Return to T-Lane Nation yard to offload the equipment

We were so happy to partner with Rainpower on this generator project and look forward to working with them again in future.

Interested in partnering with T-Lane Nation on a future job?  If so contact us today!

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