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Safety and compliance at T-Lane Nation Transportation & Logistics is a safety and compliance conscious industry leader. We strive to retain this level of excellence with a commitment from management and staff to a comprehensive safety management program. This commitment resulted in recognition by Worksafe BC with a Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R). Our safety program impacts every aspect of our business. T-Lane Transportation is proud of our negligible workplace, cargo and accident claims ratio.

The drivers are held to a high standard of compliance supported by a comprehensive maintenance program ensuring the equipment they operate is safe and fully compliant. All employees are extensively HAZMAT, security and position specific trained within their work areas. Additional training and upgrading is provided upon amendments and changes to regulations. All owner operators and drivers are subject to a rigorous and extensive hiring process with criteria which far exceeds the industry requirements and therefore our drivers are of the highest caliber. Our driver turnover rate is among the lowest in the industry.

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T-Lane enforces strict rules and policies to ensure the safety of our owner operators, employees and the general public. DAVE FEHR MANAGER SAFETY|COMPLIANCE