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7 Simple Strategies for All Day Energy


1 – Schedule sleep. Not getting enough sleep will impact how alert you are the following day. Experts recommend sleeping 7 – 9 hours each night. If you’ve been feeling chronically sluggish or fatigued, give yourself a bedtime to make sure you get enough sleep or take a nap on the weekends. You will feel refreshed and give your body the rest it needs.

2- Have a balanced breakfast. Include protein (ex. eggs, greek yogurt), complex carbohydrates (ex. whole-grain bread, apple), and healthy fats (ex. cheese, peanut butter) in your breakfast. Starting your day with each macronutrient is a fantastic way to keep blood sugar consistent and avoid an energy crash during the day. [ TRY THIS RECIPE ]

3 – Watch what you’re drinking. I know it’s getting hot out, but if you’re aiming to keep your energy high, avoid drinks with a high sugar content. Frappuccinos, energy drinks, sodas, and iced teas are loaded with sugar that will give you a quick energy boost but will quickly wear off, leaving you more lethargic than before.

4 – Aim for light foods and small meals.  Eating large meals forces your body to expend a lot of energy digesting it, which often leads to a feeling of sleepiness. Instead, opt for light, unprocessed foods throughout the day, in small to medium doses, like yogurt, fruit, vegetables, or grab-and-go energy bites. [ Get the recipe here ]

5 – Drink more water. The first signs of dehydration are lethargy, headaches, muscle pain, and a general sense of confusion. Combat these common symptoms by keeping a large water bottle by your desk and set a timer to remind you to take a drink every 30 minutes. You will feel yourself become more energized with every sip.

It’s recommended to drink 0.5 oz – 1.0 oz of water per pound of bodyweight each day.

6 – Use your nose. Certain scents can energize your mind and awaken your senses. Try using a lotion or oil that is scented with citrus, peppermint, or jasmine. Rub this on your hands, temples, or even right under your nose! Psst – just make sure you check with your deskmates first.

7 – Leave your desk. Get up, walk around, or follow along with the At-Work Wellness Poster. These quick breaks will get your blood moving, relieve stress by releasing endorphins, gives your brain a chance to rest and shakes off the monotony of sitting at your desk.


What do you do to keep energy high during the day?