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Blackened Shrimp Bowl

On May 2, 2018  Category:  Lunch and Dinner, Make and Take Meals, Recipes

Try this summer-inspired meal for dinner or make it ahead of time for lunches. Whenever you eat it you’ll be rewarding your body with protein, veggies, healthy fats, and whole grains.  Serves 2 INGREDIENTS 1 package of Raw Shrimp, thawed 2 tbsp Avocado Oil or Olive Oil 2 tsp paprika 1 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp of each sea salt […]

Red Curry Meatballs

On April 11, 2018  Category:  Lunch and Dinner, Make and Take Meals, Recipes

  INGREDIENTS  For the meatballs 1 lb ground turkey 1/2 tbsp garlic powder 1 tbsp basil 1 tsp chili powder 1 tsp cumin 1 tbsp olive oil or avocado oil 1 egg 1/4  cup flour (any kind) 1/4 cup rolled oats 1/8 tsp sea salt   For the curry 1 yellow onion, sliced 1 tbsp avocado oil or […]

Cozy Shepherd’s Pie

On March 5, 2018  Category:  Lunch and Dinner, Recipes

Makes 4 servings – Cals 406 | P 32g | C 36g | F 16g (per serving) INGREDIENTS Bottom Layer 1 pound ground beef or turkey 1 yellow onion, diced 1 cup carrot, diced 1 cup peas 2 tbsp oil 3 tbsp flour 1 tbsp thyme 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup beef stock salt […]

Shawarma Chicken Wraps

On February 9, 2018  Category:  Lunch and Dinner, Recipes

This crowd-pleasing recipe is sure to be a hit at your dinner table. Make it vegetarian by swapping the chicken for chickpeas, or turn it into a salad to boost your vegetable intake. The cozy combination of spices is sure to satisfy your cravings and have even the pickiest of eaters going back for seconds.  […]