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Container Shipping – Korea to Montana with multiple modes of transportation

On May 22, 2019  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

T-Lane is known in the industry for being a one-stop shop for transportation and logistical needs. We strive ourselves on being able to provide a complete transportation solution, without our clients’ having to seek separate vendors for different modes of transportation.

Container shipping is an area in which clients would typically have to go to multiple vendors to get the container to its final destination – not with T-Lane. With T-Lane we are able to receive the container right at the Port, transfer it (if needed) to a rail car, meet the container on the other side, and finish off the transportation with a truck and trailer. Three modes of transportation all offered at one contact.

The main focus with container shipping is: deadlines and the ability to meet them; something that T-Lane specializes in.

T-Lane recently completed a container shipment that was going from Korea to Montana, first entering Canada at the Port of Vancouver. From here the container was trans-loaded onto a rail car, and picked up at the rail yard. T-Lane then transported the container cross-border, into Montana, and completed delivery.

Many things had to be considered for this load, in regards to deadlines. We could have incurred vessel container demurrage charges if the container was not back in the vessel container by a certain date and time. Rail yard detention comes into play if we do not pick-up the container from the rail yard within their specified timeline. This particular container had to receive customs clearance since it was travelling into the United States, this process had to be completed in person by a specialized member of our team. The receivers also have to be taken into account, to ensure our delivery time aligns with their schedule as they can only manage so many containers at a time. This is some of the background that goes into moving this piece of freight, things that our customer would never hear about, since T-Lane does this frequently and has become a normal day for many of our team members!

Why make three calls to arrange your container transportation, and have to worry about all of these deadlines, when you could just call T-Lane and have us handle from Port to delivery?

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