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Mining Road, A Little Road Repair, and a BIG Move!

On April 23, 2021  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

T-Lane completed transport for a building from Nisku, AB to Grand Cache, AB.

The building measured at 46 feet long, 24 feet wide, and a had a loaded height of 25 feet. Weighing in at 57,000 kgs., T-Lane utilized a 12-Line conventional platform trailer. This type of trailer is specialized for loads such as this, that are heavy in weight.

Considering the dimensions of the building, T-Lane had to co-ordinate with utilities for travel. This included traffic light turning in Grand Prairie, Nisku, and Drayton Valley. Due to large hills near Grand Cache, we also required a push truck to assist.

The biggest challenge T-Lane faced with this transport was only having one major highway to access the site. Unfortunately this access was restricted as we did not meet bridge weights and overpass height. The assigned Project Manager looked at alternate routes and found a mine road. This road was in poor condition and required repairs . The repairs included: removal of rocks, grating the ground, clearing the water and trimming greenery. During transport over this road T-Lane utilized a bed truck and push truck to assist with clearing the hills. T-Lane also had to co-ordinate with other mines in the area to shut down this portion of the road, during transport.

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