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Transformer Transport – Forestburg, AB to Edmonton, AB

On May 23, 2019  Category:  T-Lane Nation Case Studies

Our heavy haul team in Alberta was working out of Forestburg, AB to remove an old transformer from site. This project required a route plan, utilities and specialized escort due to oversize dimensions.

Jack and slide was required for both loading and offloading. This is a technique that T-Lane specializes in, it is used when access or overhead is restricted, and a crane is unable to complete the lift. This is a method in which the team can lift hundreds of thousands of pounds and slide the equipment on or off a trailer and into position.

The transformer was raised off its pad and set on rails. Hydraulic jacks worked in unison to move the unit along the rails and placed over the trailer. To line the unit up with the trailer a turn table was utilized to spin the unit 45 degrees.

Leaving site, we were faced with steep hills and gravel roads to make it to the highways. A push truck and bed truck were used to help our transport team clear the hills and make the trek to the south east corner of Edmonton for staging.

T-Lane worked alongside utility companies to ensure the freight would clear power lines along route.

The next morning, we entered the Edmonton city limits, with the help of Edmonton police and city workers, counter-flowing different points throughout the highways to avoid bridges.

From there the transformer was offloaded using the jack and slide method.

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